Crop Comparison Guide

When placing a print order it’s important to remember that not all photos will end up looking exactly like the original. My most popular print size is an 8×10, and many people don’t realize how much of an image can be lost with that ratio. When placing an order with A.C.P. you can rest assured that your images will be cropped properly. You will also be advised if a certain picture might not look its best in a particular size.  A tight family shot may be more suitable for a 16×24, as opposed to a 16×20. That is unless you’re intentionally trying to cut out Aunt Bertha. -In which case, I won’t tell if you don’t! 

For those of you that purchase digital files or discs, I recommend They offer great quality as well as give you the option to define what area of your photo you would like within the crop.

Check out the guide below to get an idea of which sizes will print “as is” and which will be cropped!

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