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Crop Comparison Guide

When placing a print order it’s important to remember that not all photos will end up looking exactly like the original. My most popular print size is an 8×10, and many people don’t realize how much of an image can be lost with that ratio. When placing an order with A.C.P. you can rest assured that your images will be cropped properly. You will also be advised if a certain picture might not look its best in a particular size.  A tight family shot may be more suitable for a 16×24, as opposed to a 16×20. That is unless you’re intentionally trying to cut out Aunt Bertha. -In which case, I won’t tell if you don’t! 

For those of you that purchase digital files or discs, I recommend mpix.com. They offer great quality as well as give you the option to define what area of your photo you would like within the crop.

Check out the guide below to get an idea of which sizes will print “as is” and which will be cropped!

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Brewer Family Session – Jupiter, Florida

I got to meet this wonderful family over 4 years ago through an online moms group. Ashley -the pretty lil momma in the pictures above- and I were both expecting boys in November of 2008. Although she lives over 3 hours away, we’ve done meet ups and kept up a friendship over the years. I was beyond excited when she called to book a family session!

We decided a good middle point would be Jupiter, Florida, and crossed our fingers for good weather. It must have worked because it was as perfect a Florida day as we could have hoped for. Her kids are total hams too, so they made my job pretty darn easy. 😉

Take a peek at their family session by clicking on the first image to open up a gallery.

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2012 Holiday Cards are Here

As Andy Williams would say, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather, and jingles are starting to fill the air, reminding us that the holidays are near. My schedule in November is the equivalent to that of an H&R block agent in April, so if you’re thinking about ways to simplify the holidays I’m right there with ya! Starting with this years holiday card selections, A.C.P. has chosen three clean and modern designs for your choosing. All you have to do -or not if you choose!- is pick out 2-4 of your favorite images from your most recent session, and I’ll take care of the rest.

This years designs are available in a 5×7 layflat as well as a 5×7 ornate die-cut luxe card. I’m extra excited to be offering die-cut cards this year as they’re the perfect mix of unique, yet stylish. They’re also beautiful as a card ornament. You just whole punch at the top and loop a pretty little ribbon. If choosing the traditional lay flat 5×7, the back may also be printed as a full 5×7 image. This way your card serves as both as sprinkle of holiday cheer, and a gift portrait that may be framed. We did this one year with out personal cards and I love seeing them still displayed in families homes to this day.

Both cards come in traditional stock, linen, or pearl (has a slight sheen) paper. White envelopes are also included in every order, and wording may be replaced with a short message of your choosing. If you prefer a custom design please email me for a quote from our graphic designer.

To order:

Email me at thaymmie@acottophotography.com
Include your design, paper, and photo choices 
You will be invoiced within 24 hours
Cards will be shipped within 2-3 business days


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Sasha and Fedimir’s Engagement

This beautiful couple got engaged about two weeks before our session. I really enjoy scheduling these so soon after the actual proposal because the level of excitement is always taken up a notch. From the brand new sparkly ring, to the realization you’re starting a new life as one, it’s all so fresh!

Sasha and Fedimir let their playful sides show as they joked through most of their session. From Sasha balancing for the shot on Fedimir’s shoulders, to his acoustic rendition of Old McDonald had a Farm, it was a laughter-filled afternoon. It’s evident that these two like to have fun and I’m excited for them as they start planning their forever. I wish you both the absolute best!

*Click the first photo below to see all photos in their entirety.*

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Rebecca is 3 Months New!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love watching my tiniest clients grow? Well I do! As a mom, I know just how quickly these early moments pass, and I’m beyond thankful we have so many pictures -professional or otherwise- to bring me right back to that time with my own little guy. I always encourage new parents to do a minimum of 3 sessions within the first year, since a few months difference can be monumental when talking about infants.

You may recognize this itty bitty from her Welcome to the World and Newborn sessions. This little family is so sweet and I was elated to get the call requesting I photograph them once again. Rebecca was, as always, a complete doll to work with. I loved seeing how much she’s already grown from her newborn session. She was cooing, smiling, and has found her wittle toes   So much yummy baby goodness! I’m excited to continue photographing new milestones in her first year and beyond.

Click the first image below to see them full sized.

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